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Breast Augmentation/Reduction Gallery

“Artfully done breast augmentation can produce a result that looks like real breasts, not implants. This is possible to achieve by carefully considering the best options that suit every individual woman. Delivering a balanced, natural result that is in harmony with your body is my ultimate goal.” — Dr.Yager
Procedure: Breast Reduction
Age :50
Gender: female
Post op time: 7 months post op
Procedure: Augmentation, implants
Age :24
Gender: female
Post op time: 9 years post op

She is a 25 years old woman with one child who desired Breast Augmentation. She is 5’6” and 140 lbs. Sailne 360cc implants filled to 290cc gives her a very pleasant and nature shape. 


She is a 32 years old woman, 5’4” and 154 lbs, who wanted to balance the curves of her hips with her breasts. Although, they are both different, a 270cc saline implant gives her a more harmonious curve. 

She is a 24 years old woman with two children who had saline filled breast implants of 300cc placed through her axillas (underarms). She is 5′, 90 lbs. Note the lifting effect obtained even with the implant placed behind the muscle.