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“Through my vast experience with thousands of liposuctions, I have come to realize that the key is not only to remove the ideal amount of fat, but to make sure to preserve a thin layer to create the most natural looking, smooth contours.”  — Dr.Yager
Procedure: Liposuction of the torso
Age :43
Gender: female
Post op time: 2 months post op

This is a 29 years old woman, 2 children, 5’3” and 120 lbs, for Liposculpture of her Love Handles. All of her friends asked if she had ribs removed but it was just careful Liposculpture. 


This is a 21 years old woman, 5’8” and 142 lbs, for Liposuction of her Love Handles. 800cc of fat was removed to give her the shape she wanted. 


She is a 34 years old woman, 5’3” and 149 lbs. This is an example of Liposculpture of the Torso (abdomen, back and sides). While she is not the ideal candidate given her loose skin AFTER* three pregnancies, she achieved significant improvement with a 1500cc fat removal.