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Transform Your Hair, Skin and Nails Through Advanced Nutrient Therapy

advanced nutrient therapyEveryone’s body is unique, so there shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach to supplementation. Factors such as genetics, lifestyle, and personal well-being all play a role in someone’s health, which can directly show through in their hair, skin, and nails. Thanks to advanced nutrient therapy, you can receive direct support from a physician to enhance your wellness and appearance through natural vitamins and minerals. 

Exploring Advanced Nutrient Therapy

Advanced nutrient therapy is a personalized treatment that uses clinical assessment, blood tests, and urinary analysis to determine the most effective nutritional support for your mind and body. 

By taking an individual, holistic approach to supplementation, our physicians can develop the perfect blend of vitamins and minerals to support your unique needs. Furthermore, the blood and urine analyses help pinpoint any underlying deficiencies you may have so they can be resolved through your specially formulated blend. 

Follow-Ups Track Your Progress

Many patients start advanced nutrient therapy to naturally address concerns like dull hair, dry skin, and brittle nails. While the initial consult is the most vital to seeing results, monthly follow-ups allow us to re-evaluate and track progress. 

Our healthcare professionals will meet with you every four weeks to discuss how you feel, any changes you’ve noticed, and any questions you may have. We can also make individualized adjustments to your nutrient therapy plan and help you get one step closer to beautiful, healthy hair, skin, and nails. 

What’s Included in the Formula? 

Everyone who chooses SY Aesthetics for their advanced nutrient therapy receives a blend of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and other essential nutrients to support their wellness. 

Each formula is blended just for you, so no two patients are given the same treatment. And through routine follow-ups and progress-tracking, we ensure that you easily reach your desired outcomes. 

Start Your Journey Today

Contact SY Aesthetics in Middletown, NY, or Washington Heights, NYC, and meet with a physician. Our founder, Dr. Jingduan Yang, is an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine, psychiatry, nutrition and dietary counseling, integrative medicine, neuro-emotional technique, and medication management. 

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