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An often-neglected area of cosmetic surgery is the ears, which many people do not even realize can be reshaped and made smaller. From enlarged earring holes to torn earlobes to prominent ears that stick out from the sides of the head, ear deformities can prompt you to change your hairstyle in order to hide what you don’t like, or simply to prevent teasing.

Ear SurgeryTorn Earlobes – Keloid Scarring

If you have ever had a child pull on your earring, or gotten an earring caught, the resulting enlarged hole or torn earlobe can be easily corrected in 10 minutes by stitching up the tear under local anesthesia. You can then re-pierce your ears in 6 weeks. Keloid scars (thick knots of tissue either in front or behind the lobe) that resulted after ear piercing can also be corrected in a similar manner. Special compression earrings need to be worn for 3-6 months following the procedure to reduce the chance of additional scarring. Some insurance carriers will pay for keloid excisions, depending on the type of policy you hold.

Ear SurgeryOtoplasty or Ears Pinned Back

For prominent ears, or ears that stick out, Dr. Yager can reshape the ears and tuck them back against the sides of the head. This procedure is commonly referred to as otoplasty. The procedure takes under 2 hours to perform. Dr. Yager typically performs them in our surgery center under local anesthesia. Patients are back to work in just a few days. Patients also have the option of having an anesthesiologist administer sedation for a nominal additional cost.
Prominent ear surgery can significantly improve your appearance and self esteem, especially in children. Dr. Yager waits until age 5 to perform the surgery; many of our patients are also teens and adults.
When I correct the shape of the ear, it is the closest thing to being a sculptor. I often do it under local anesthesia so the patient can confirm with me in the mirror if he or she is content with the change before we finish.


45 - 90 mins


Monitored Sedation or Local Anesthesia

Recovery Time

2 weeks

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