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Breast Augmentation

The following reasons might why you are considering to have a breast augmentation:
We understand the significance of these factors and are committed to assisting you in achieving your desired outcomes.

Natural result that is in harmony with your body. Breast implant surgery should be to compliment your body and help you look better in clothing, not to have people stare at your chest.

It is a personal decision, and one a woman should make solely for themselves. These women are some of the happiest in our practice.

How Breast Augmentation Works

A new silicone gel implant is available for breast augmentation. known in the lay press as the “Gummy Bear” implant. It comes in 4 different height and width combinations, and has the lowest rate of capsular contraction and rippling of any implant available.

Silicone gel implants in the US are different than in other countries as they are more solid. In Dr. Yager’s opinion, they offer a benefit to women with very small breasts who want to be much larger, as they will feel more natural. 

This size matrix system offers Dr Yager the ability to obtain a variety of looks for the same volume. It is not appropriate for everyone, and it is more expensive. For the right patient, it is definitely worth considering.

“Artfully done breast augmentation can produce a result that looks like real breasts, not implants. This is possible to achieve by carefully considering the best options that suit every individual woman. Delivering a balanced, natural result that is in harmony with your body is my ultimate goal.”

– Dr. Yager
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30 Min to 60 Min


Monitored sedation or general anesthesia

Recovery Time

1-2 weeks

Commonly Combined with

Areolar Reduction, Correction of Inverted Nipples, Liposuction of the Axillas

Breast Augmentation Recovery Path

You are in recovery for 1-2 hours, and may have some discomfort. A strange stretching or tight sensation is often felt, and you might feel that it is difficult to take a deep breath. Strong pain medications are given, as well as antibiotics.
A surgical bra is provided for you for use over the first 6 weeks. Lifting or straining with the arms and chest will cause discomfort for the first week or so, but most women can return to work after 1 week.
Initially, the implants may appear slightly high, but will settle over 3-6 months into their natural position. If you should become pregnant following the procedure, it is not harmful to breast feed if you are able. The breast may change in appearance, as in any pregnancy.

Customers' Journey with SYA

Breast Augmentation What our Patients Say

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"Came in for a facial. Loved the way my skin looked after, fresh and plumped. The experience was relaxing. Was able to also purchase products available in the office. Excellent customer service and office was clean."

Davina Johnson

sy aesthetic review

"Jessica has been great at giving me my post op breast massages. She always asks me if I am comfortable and gives me the right amount of pressure each time."


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