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Brow or Forehead Lift

If your upper eyelids are saggy, in many instances it is not only the eyelid skin that may be the problem. The descent of the forehead and eyebrows, especially over the outer half of the eyes, can also contribute to a heavy lid. If you place one finger over each brow and gently lift up toward your hairline, this will demonstrate the effects of a browlift procedure.
Browlift surgery is an excellent way to refresh your appearance in a subtle and natural looking manner. Instead of a long incision across the top of the head, Dr. Yager uses an endoscopic browlift technique. Several tiny incisions are made within the hair so they are not visible, and the brows are lifted with special instruments and tiny cameras. Absolutely no hair is removed. Dr. Yager uses a sophisticated fixation device that fixes the tissues in place without the need for staples or screws. This device is placed beneath the scalp and dissolves over time for a very long lasting result. If additional skin and/or fat needs to be removed from the upper and/or lower eyelids, Dr. Yager can perform eyelid surgery at the same time as an endoscopic browlift to enhance your results. Both eyelid and browlift surgery are a nice complement to facelifting.
Often you notice a change in your upper eyelids without paying attention to the position of your eyebrows. By using a minimal incision technique, I can elevate droopy brows without any visible scars. The subtle improvement of raising your eyebrows even a few millimeters can result in a dramatically younger looking appearance of the entire face.


30 to 60 Mins


Monitored Sedation

Recovery Time

1 week minimum

Treatment Areas

Brow elevation, forehead rejuvenation, temporal region, and eyebrow shaping.

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