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Chin Enhancement

Maintaining a youthful appearance isn’t just about the skin – the structure of your chin and jawbone plays a pivotal role in facial balance. Chin enhancement surgery is a transformative option that can rejuvenate both your neck and overall facial symmetry.

The Importance of Chin Proportion

Facial harmony relies on a delicate interplay between various features – the tip of the nose, the lower lip, and the chin. A perceived imbalance in one area, such as a seemingly large nose, can often be attributed to an insufficiently projected or shorter chin.

Chin Enhancement The Procedure Unveiled

Our approach involves a small incision made either discreetly under the chin or within the mouth behind the lower lip. A carefully selected implant is positioned along the border of your existing bone, creating a harmonious augmentation. This implant placement is performed within a small pocket, ensuring a seamless and natural integration.
It is rare that someone comes to our office asking to enhance their chin. They often know they do not look right; however, they can’t put their finger on the reason. The size of the chin and its projection is key to a youthful neck and jawline.


30 mins


Monitored Sedation

Recovery Time

1-2 week

Treatment Areas

Chin, Jawline, and Neck, revitalizing overall facial balance and harmony.

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