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Many people have had a disappointing or even disfiguring experience as a result of surgery performed elsewhere—overseas or right here in New York. In addition to feeling vulnerable and maybe even angry, a patient may suffer from depression, relationship difficulties, and body image issues as a result of a procedure gone wrong.
We understand the significant emotional impact this can have. At SY Aesthetics, patients are not only guaranteed the highest standard of care, they are treated with the utmost sensitivity and respect.
If you have suffered a complication or problem from a previous surgery, do not be ashamed. Instead, take control and do something about it. Let SY Aesthetics help you safely correct mistakes of the past and get the second chance you deserve.

Compassionate care and expert solutions for corrective plastic surgery

While some plastic surgeons refuse to see other doctors’ unhappy patients, I do not. My basic instinct is to help transform them from the victim to the victor!
– Dr. Yager
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