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An often-neglected area of cosmetic surgery is the ears, which many people do not even realize can be reshaped and made smaller. From enlarged earring holes to torn earlobes to prominent ears that stick out from the sides of the head, ear deformities can prompt you to change your hairstyle in order to hide what you don’t like, or simply to prevent teasing.

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At SY Aesthetics we feature a hair removal system that is safe for all skin types and offers results for the face and body. Hair removal disables the hair follicle from producing more hair, and stops hair from growing. Sessions are quick and virtually painless.

Some of the most commonly treated areas in our center are:

Lasers are effective in permanently reducing unwanted hair. Hispanic patients must seek out doctors with a lot of experience treating latin skin to avoid burns, darkness and other complications. The darker your skin, the greater the danger.
– Dr. Yager
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15 mins - 1 hour+, depending on area

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