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Get rid of unwanted fat while creating natural-looking layers and contours.

Liposuction is a great procedure for healthy patients who have more superficial fat in one area of the body than the others. If the skin has good elasticity, it will re-drape the area following the procedure and create a pleasing shape that is more harmonious.

Liposuction Benefits

Through liposuction, patients rebalance their bodies in a natural way. The beauty of this is that with mild changes in weight, the new even fat distribution assures that you maintain your new shape. This results in a lifetime result that thrills most of our patients.
Through my vast experience with thousands of liposuctions, I have come to realize that the key is not only to remove the ideal amount of fat, but to make sure to preserve a thin layer to create the most natural looking, smooth contours.
– Dr. Yager
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20 Min to 2 Hours


Monitored Sedation or General

Recovery Time

3 days to 1 week Exercising in 2 weeks

Treatment Areas

Thighs, hips, abdomen, neck, waist, arms, and back.

Liposuction How It Works


Medical History and Physical Exam (At your consultation):


Computer Imaging and Simulation:


Preoperative Testing and Fitness Assessment:


Pain management:

Liposuction Customers' Journey with SYA

Liposuction What our Patients Say

sy aesthetic review

"Came in for a facial. Loved the way my skin looked after, fresh and plumped. The experience was relaxing. Was able to also purchase products available in the office. Excellent customer service and office was clean."

Davina Johnson

sy aesthetic review

"Jessica has been great at giving me my post op breast massages. She always asks me if I am comfortable and gives me the right amount of pressure each time."


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